Computer and Network Security (203.3448/203.4448) - Winter 2011

Winter 2011 General Information


Course's staff

Class hours

Exam dates

Grading policy

Exam grades below 46 will not be combined with the grades of the exercises!

Prerequisites and Requirements

Students who did not take Introduction to Cryptography: Many of you have asked about taking this course without the prerequisite of Introduction to Cryptography.

(the rules may change at any given time)


Lecture slides:

Introduction 30/10, 6/11 PDF  
Secure Code Design 6/11, 13/11 PDF Bobby Tables
Applied Cryptology 13/11, 20/11 PDF The true story of Alice, Bob, and Eve
Public Key Infrastructure 27/11 PDF Don't Drink and Sign Certificates
Entrance Control 11/12, 18/12 PDF Password Reuse
Network Threats 18/12, 1/1 PDF Real Threats
Firewalls 1/1, 8/1 PDF  
IPsec 8/1,15/1 PDF  
IKE 15/1,22/1 PDF  
SSL 22/1 PDF  
Wireless Security 29/1 PDF  

Slides are in PDF format. I may change the slides a little bit before and after the lecture. Be aware of changes.

Recommended reference material

On-line material


Submission is to Orr's mailbox (#19) only.

Assignment Due Comments
Homework #1 5/12/2011, 14:00 Regular mine sweeper boards
Special mine sweeper boards
Homework #2 21/12/2011, 14:00 Please note an update to Question 1(a). It is Cameron who signs certificates for Rutte, Putin, and Faymanni (not Tusk!)
Homework #3 11/1/2012, 14:00  
Homework #4 25/1/2012, 14:00 Firewall Table
SAD Table
SPD Table
Homework #5 1/2/2012, 14:00  

Past Exams

As the course is very similar to the one that I used to teach at the Technion, sample exams can be found on the
Computer Security course website.

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