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Orr Dunkelman

Contact Information:

  • Phone: +972-4-828-8447 (internal: 8447)
  • Fax: +972-4-824-9331 (internal: 3331)
  • Email: orrd (at sign) cs (dot sign) haifa (dot sign) ac (dot sign) il
  • Office: Jacobs building, office 408
  • CV: PDF format
  • Mailing address:
    Computer Science Department
    University of Haifa
    31905, Haifa

Professional Background

Research Interests

  • Cryptanalysis of symmetric key primitives
  • Cryptanalytic methods
  • Design methodologies for symmetric key cryptography
  • Privacy in the digital world
  • Computer Security

A few interesting research projects I am involved in:

In case you are interested in doing your Ph.D./M.Sc. studies with me, contact me for a list of possible problems.

For a complete list of publications, committees, etc.: My Complete Research Webpage


Scientific Outreach

I strongly believe that science should be accessible to more than just colleagues and students. A few of these outreach actions:

Personal Site

For a more personal information, my views, hobbies, and such, please visit my personal website.