Computer Security Seminar (203.3365) - Spring 2017

Spring 2017 General Information


Course's staff

Class hours

Grading policy

You must attend at least 10 meetings to pass the course.

Prerequisites and Requirements


Lecture slides

Introduction to Computer Security16.3,23.3PDF 
Computer Threats23.3,30.3PDF 

The slides are in PDF format. I may change the slides a little bit before and after the lecture. Be aware of changes.

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The Topics for the Seminar

The seminar's topics are going to be based on Ross Andreson's book "Security Engineering". After the introduction, each week, students will give a presentation of one of the chapters of the book.
Chapter Topic
2 Usability and Psychology
4 Access Control
8 Multilevel Security
9 Multilateral Security
10 Banking and Bookkeeping
12 Monitoring and Metering
13 Nuclear Command and Control
15 Biometrics
16 Physical Tamper Resistance
17 Emission Security
19 Electronic and Information Warfare
20 Telecom System Security
22 Copyright and DRM
23 The Bleeding Edge
24 Terror, Justice and Freedom
26 System Evaluation and Assurance

One week before your presentation, you must present your talk to Orr. Without doing so, you will not be able to present your talk to the class, and would fail.

Please note that you must send your slides in PDF format (as well as their sources) after your presentation to Orr, for the lecture to be counted for.

The Seminar's Schedule

Date Student Topic Presentation
20.4 Nuha Chapter 2 - Usability and Psychology PDF
20.4 Alon Chapter 4 - Access Control PDF
27.4 Raz Chapter 8 - Multilevel Security PDF
27.4 Ksenia Chapter 20 - Telecom System Security PDF
9.5 Roni Chapter 15 - Biometrics PDF
11.5 Andrey Chapter 17 - Emission Security PDF
16.5 Daniel Chapter 19 - Electronic and Information Warfare PDF
16.5 Vladimir Chapter 22 - Copyright and DRM PDF
25.5 Yonatan Chapter 12 - Monitoring and Metering PDF
1.6 Tomer Chapter 23 - The Bleeding Edge PDF
1.6 Elias Chapter 10 - Banking and Bookkeeping PDF

Note that this schedule is not final, and may be changed!

Last change: Thu., 1/6, 22:30 IST.