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Lightweight Crypto Day 2018

What: A day dedicated to Lightweight Cryptography

The day is dedicated to research in lightweight cryptography, with the emphasis on symmetric-key cryptography targeting low-end devices. The day will be composed of six lectures and a recent results session for those interested in the topic.

When: Sunday, 29.4.18

Lightweight Crypto Day is an affiliated event of Eurocrypt 2018 that will be held on 29th of April till the 3rd of May.

Do note that you must register to Eurocrypt 2018 separately.

Where: Dan Panorama, Tel Aviv, Israel

The day will take place at the same venue as Eurocrypt 2018. More information about the location is available here.

The actual sessions will take place in the Galil and Negev halls. These halls are found on the first floor of the Dan Panorama conference center.

Registration Information

One can register to the lightweight crypto day either as part of the registration to Eurocrypt 2018, or as a "stand alone" option. There are two options on the IACR registration link:

  • Option #1: Register both for Eurocrypt 2018 and the workshop,
  • Option #2: Register just for the workshop (and not to Eurocrypt 2018).
  • Registration fees are 100 US$ until the 10th of April. Starting the 11th of April, registration fees will include an additional 25 US$ as late registration fees.

    When registering just for the workshop, it is possible to buy tickets for the welcome reception of Eurocrypt 2018 (which will be held just after the day). The tickets cost 75 US$ (and can be bought in Step 3 of the registration procedure, under "Accompanying persons").

    Cancellation requests should be made in email to the general chair of Eurocrypt 2018. Those received by 10th of April will receive a full refund of the registration fees (if they include cancellation of a Eurocrypt 2018 registration) or partial refund (of all but 25 US$) to cover fixed costs. No refunds will be made after 10th of April.


    Confirmed Speakers:
    The list of confirmed speakers currently includes:

    • Roberto Avanzi (ARM Ltd., Germany)
    • Daniel J. Bernstein (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands and University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)
    • Orr Dunkelman (University of Haifa, Israel)
    • Gaetan Leurent (Inria, France)
    • Maria Naya-Plasencia (Inria, France)
    • Eyal Ronen (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)

    Program (updated 25th of April):
    8:30-9:00     Registration & Coffee & Light Breakfast (Galil and Negev halls)
    9:00-9:05     Welcome and Opening Remarks
    9:05-9:50     Orr Dunkelman - A Lightweight Talk on Cryptographic Standardization at ISO (Abstract Slides)
    9:50-10:05     Break
    10:05-10:55     Gaetan Leurent - Security Issues with Small Block Sizes (Abstract Slides)
    10:55-11:15     Coffee Break
    11:15-12:05     Maria Naya-Plasencia - Overview of Lightweight Primitives: Design and Cryptanalysis (Abstract Slides)
    12:05-12:20     Break
    12:20-13:10     Eyal Ronen - IoT Goes Nuclear: Creating a ZigBee Chain Reaction (Abstract Slides)
    13:10-14:40     Lunch Break (Lunch included)
    14:40-15:30     Roberto Avanzi - From Software Security to Cryptographic Research in the ARM World (Abstract Roberto)
    15:30-15:50     Coffee Break
    15:50-16:40     Daniel J. Bernstein - Small Cryptographic Bytecode (Slides)
    16:40-16:55     Break
    16:55-17:30     Recent Results (Rump) Session
    18:00-     Eurocrypt 2018 registration and reception (available to people registered to Eurocrypt or bought access)

    The registration covers light breakfast/coffee before the day, coffee breaks, and a full lunch. As mentioned earlier, participants of the workshop that are not registered to Eurocrypt 2018, may purchase tickets to the welcome reception.


    Workshop attendees who require accommodations, are invited to use Eurocrypt 2018 Accommodations information.


    The day is organized by Nathan Keller and Itai Dinur. The local organizer is Orr Dunkelman.

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