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Wednesday 20/6/2012

Amitabh Trehan, Technion

Title:   Distributed Algorithms for Self-healing Networks


Wednesday 13/6/2012

Orr Dunkelman, University of Haifa

Title:   Minimalism in Cryptography: The Even-Mansour Scheme Revisited


Wednesday 6/6/2012

Hananel Hazan, University of Haifa, CRI

Title:   Stability and topology in reservoir computing


Wednesday 30/5/2012

Itai Dinur, Weizmann Institute

Title:   Improved Algorithms for Composite Problems


Thursday 24/5/2012 **NOTE SPECIAL TIME & PLACE **

Peter Røgen, Technical University of Denmark

Title:   On geometry of the known protein structure universe and a of knowledge based potential for protein structure prediction


Wednesday 23/5/2012

Nati Linial, The Hebrew University

Title:   What are the high-dimensional analogs of regular graphs?


Wednesday 16/5/2012

Michael Langberg, The Open University

Title:   A Unified Framework for Approximating and Clustering Data


Wednesday 9/5/2012

Rina Dechter, University of California, Irvine

Title:   Principles of Reasoning with Graphical Models


Wednesday 2/5/2012

Shiri Chechik, Weizmann Institute

Title:  Fully Dynamic Approximate Distance Oracles for Planar Graphs via Forbidden-Set Distance Labels


Wednesday 18/4/2012

Julia M. Taylor, Purdue University

Title:   Towards Computing With Humor: Dream or Nightmare?


Wednesday 4/4/2012

Michael Dinitz, Weizmann Institute

Title:   Approximation Algorithms for Graph Spanners


Wednesday 28/3/2012

Yossi Azar, Tel-Aviv University

Title:  The Loss of Serving in The Dark


Wednesday 21/3/2012

Michael Elad, Technion

Title:  Sparse and Redundant Representation Modeling of Images: Theory and Applications


Wednesday 14/3/2012

Margarita Osadchy, University of Haifa

Title:   Pose Estimation and Recognition using Specular Highlights


Wednesday 22/2/2012 **NOTE SPECIAL PLACE **

Harry Buhrman, CWI Amsterdam

Title:  Position-based cryptography


Wednesday 25/1/2012

Chen Yanover, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Title:  Computational characterization of motif-mediated interactions


Wednesday 18/1/2012

Roi Reichart, MIT

Title:   Efficient and Exact Inter-Sentence Decoding for Natural Language Processing


Wednesday 11/1/2012

Or Zuk, Broad Institute

Title:   Missing Heritability: New algorithmic and statistical approaches


**NOTE SPECIAL TIME AND PLACE ** Wednesday 11/1/2012 11:30 Jacobs 205

Olga Troyanskaya, Princeton University

Title:  Integrated tissue- specific networks for study of disease


Wednesday 4/1/2012

Yuval Emek, ETH Zurich

Title:  Cutting edge(s) distributed computing.


** NOTE SPECIAL TIME AND PLACE ** Tuesday 3/1/2012

Shay Mozes, Department of Computer Science, Brown University

Title:  Exploiting Graph Structure - Beauty and Efficiency in Planar Graphs


Wednesday 28/12/2011

Roman Manevich, University of Texas at Austin

Title:  Synthesizing Concurrent Relational Data Structures


Wednesday 14/12/2011

Aviv Zohar, Microsoft Research

Title:  Challenges in Multi-Agent Systems: Bitcoin, Social Networks, P2P Communities, and Network Protocols


Wednesday 7/12/2011

Eden Chlamtac, Tel Aviv University

Title:   Convex Programming Hierarchies: Trading Time for Approximation


Monday 28/11/2011 ** NOTE SPECIAL TIME AND PLACE **

Tsvi Achler, Los Alamos National Labs

Title:  Computing, Learning, and Classifying, Under the Inverse


Wednesday 23/11/2011

Reut Tsarfaty, The department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University, Sweden

Title:  Statistical Parsing in the Face of Language Diversity


Wednesday 16/11/2011

Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda, Computer Science Department, Technion

Title:  Deconstructing Amazon EC2 Spot Instance Pricing


Wednesday 2/11/2011

Gil Cohen, Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science

Title:  Non-Malleable Extractors with Short Seeds and Applications to Privacy Amplification


Tuesday 1/11/2011, Jacobs 506 -- NOTE SPECIAL TIME AND PLACE --

Pierre-Alain Fouque, Ecole Normale Superieure

Title:  Versatile algorithms for searching guess-and-determine and meet-in-the-middle attacks on byte-oriented symmetric primitives



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