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Privacy Enhancing Technologies for Biometric Data

What: A day dedicated to enhancing privacy for biometric data

Biometric data is being used today in the computer security industry more than ever, and the reliance on it will only increase. Facial recognition for user's authentication and key derivation from biometric features have become a common and widespread technology. At the same time, the privacy of this information lags behind. This problem is highlighted by the simple fact that biometric traits (unlike passwords or tokens) are harder to replace, and are considered very personal.

Hence, we will hold the "Privacy Enhancing Technologies for Biometric Data" workshop. The workshop is dedicated to research in privacy enhancing technologies for biometric data. We will present the state of the art results concerning privacy in the context of biometric data and discuss the what technology can do to improve the state of biometric data's privacy. The day will contain a few lectures, as well as a panel for discussions, and should serve as a meeting point for parties interested in the topic.

When: Thursday, 15.1.15

The date was chosen such that if you attend the ITCS 2015, you could extend your stay in Israel a bit, to participate.

Where: Education Building, Room 570, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel

The day will take place at the Caesarea Rothschild Institute facilities - Room 570 of the education building in the University of Haifa. For the university's map click here.

Car access will be granted to registered participants (though parking is not guaranteed).

Accessing the university using public transportation is easy given the abundance of bus routes that reach it. Important bus routes:

  • From the Hof Hacarmel train station (Haifa's southest train station) - 46 or 146 go direct. If in a hurry, grab any bus that goes to Horev Center (11,29,123,132,133), and change in Horev center (please note that 29 is the best option for the changing, as you change buses with no need to change stations).
  • From Lev Hamifratz train station (Haifa's first station coming from the north): buses 141 or 146.
  • From Horev center: buses 24,30,36,37,37a,46, or 146.
For the complete list of buses, please consult this list or buses information.

The shuttle will wait for the train arriving at 8:49 from Tel Aviv at Hof Hacarmel train station. Please leave the station to the west (sea-side). The driver will stand with a sign saying "University of Haifa" (or "Privacy Day", or anything of this sort) outside the station.

Registration Information

Registration is currently closed. However, in case you have not registered you are invited to join us on a first come first served base (please note that lunch will not be offered to unregistered attendees).


The program is as follows:
9:00-9:30     Gathering & Coffee
9:30-9:40     Welcome and opening remarks
9:40-10:30     Rita Osadchy (University of Haifa, Israel): How to Generate Keys from Facial Images and Keep Your Privacy at the Same Time (Slides Video)
10:30-11:20     Thomas Schneider (Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany): GSHADE: Faster Privacy-Preserving Distance Computation and Biometric Identification (Slides Video)
11:20-11:40     Coffee break
11:40-12:30     Orr Dunkelman (University of Haifa, Israel): How to Privately Find Double Acquisitions in Biometric Databases (Slides Video)
12:30-14:00     Lunch break (provided for registered participants)
14:00-14:50     Benjamin Fuller (Boston University, USA): Strong Key Derivation from Noisy Sources(Slides (PDF) Slides (PPT) Video)
14:50-15:40     Guy Rothblum (Stanford, USA): Concentrated Differential Privacy
15:40-16:00     Coffee break
16:00-16:50     Moni Naor (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel): Physical Zero-Knowledge (Slides (PDF) Video)

For the interested, Yuri Gurevich of Microsoft Research will give a talk about "What is algorithm" at 17:15 (in the same room the workshop will be held at). For more information take a look here.


Workshop attendees who require accommodations should contact Ms. Friedlander at the university (email address: dfridl1 (at-sign) univ (dot) haifa (dot) ac (dot) il).



The day is organized by Rita Osadchy and Orr Dunkelman.

The generous support of the Caesarea Rothschild Institute and of the Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology, and Space is highly appreciated.

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