Colloquia take place on Wednesdays, 14:15.
Unless specified otherwise, colloquia are held in Room 303 Jacobs Building.
Talks are approximately one hour long, with some additional time for discussion.

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Wednesday 1/5/2013 @ 14:30 ** NOTE SPECIAL TIME **

Koby Crammer , Department of Electrical Engineering, The Technion

Title:   Learning with Confidence


Wednesday 24/4/2013

Liam Roditty , Computer Science Department, Bar-Ilan University

Title:   Distance Oracles


Wednesday 20/3/2013 @ 14:30 ** NOTE SPECIAL TIME **

Arye Kontorovich , Computer Science Department, Ben-Gurion University

Title:   Nearest Neighbors: Old and New


Wednesday 13/3/2013

Edo Liberty , Yahoo! Research

Title:   Approximating Large Matrices


Wednesday 6/3/2013

Seth Pettie, Department of EECS, University of Michigan

Title:   Tight Bounds on Davenport-Schinzel Sequences of Every Order


Wednesday 13/2/2013 ** NOTE SPECIAL TIME AND PLACE **

Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, and Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands

Title:   The security impact of a new cryptographic library


Sunday 10/2/2013 ** NOTE SPECIAL TIME AND PLACE **

Markulf Kohlweiss, Microsoft Research (Haifa)

Title:   Malleability in Modern Cryptography


Wednesday 6/2/2013

Doron Friedman, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya

Title:   Controlling virtual and robotic bodies by thought using real-time fMRI


Wednesday 30/1/2013

Hillel Kugler, Microsoft Research

Title:   Software Engineering meets Biological Modeling


Wednesday 23/1/2013

Joseph Keshet, Toyota Technological Insitute at Chicago

Title:   Advances in Structured Prediction with Applications to Speech Recognition


Wednesday 16/1/2013@14:00 ** NOTE SPECIAL TIME AND PLACE **

Prof. Bernd Sturmfels, University of California, Berkeley

Title:   Lecture III in the Rothschild Distinguished Lectures in Mathematics and Computer Science: Maximum Likelihood for Matrices with Rank Constraints


Wednesday 9/1/2013

Tamir Hazan, Toyota Technological Insitute at Chicago

Title:   Perturbation, Optimization and Statistics for Effective Machine Learning


Tuesday 25/12/2012 @ 12:00 ** NOTE SPECIAL TIME AND PLACE **

Assaf Malik, Institute of Evolution

Title:   Hypoxia-induced mammalian evolution in biomedical studies: biological and computational challenges


Wednesday 26/12/2012

Oded Lachish, University of London

Title:   The Matroid Secretary Problem


Wednesday 19/12/2012

Mark Silberstein, Department of Computer Science, UT Austin

Title:   Operating system support for high-throughput processors


Wednesday 5/12/2012

Dan Feldman, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, MIT

Title:   Learning patterns in Big Data from small data using core-sets


Wednesday 28/11/2012

Mirela Ben Chen, Faculty of Computer Science, Technion

Title:   Functional Maps: A Flexible Representation of Maps Between Shapes


Wednesday 21/11/2012

Tsvi Kopelowitz, Weizmann Institute of Science

Title:   Predecessor Queries on Dynamic Subsets of an Ordered List, with Applications


Wednesday 14/11/2012

Yair Goldberg, University of Haifa

Title:   A (very) short introduction to support vector machines


Wednesday 7/11/2012

Oded Schwartz, EECS Department, UC Berkeley

Title:   Fast Parallel Matrix Multiplication



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