I provide a few compiled binaries of Unison, a great file synchronization software. Unison is an open-source project; I merely compiled the sources in a few different environments, in the hope that this could save some people some trouble. These files are provided with no guarantee whatsoever; use them at your own risk. That said, all the files below work for me.

Most Mac OS/X binaries below are compiled for the PowerPC processor, not the new Intel machines.

This is not related to:

Unison version 2.27

Unison version 2.26

Unison version 2.24.8

Unison version 2.24.6

Unison version 2.17.1

Unison version 2.13.16

Unison version 2.12.0

Unison version 2.10

Unison version 2.9

More information

To learn all about Unison, go to http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/. More unison Linux binaries, as well as sone Windows ones.


Shuly Wintner
Last modified: Thu Nov 30 22:12:43 IST 2006