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Availability, seat maps and fares

The best available tool is probably KVS Availablility Tool, which unfortunately isn't web-based but can be freely downloaded and installed on Windows machines. Several upgraded options are available for a fee.

Other links follow with no guarantee of their usability.

Dream Maps: find where a specified amount of money can take you to from any given airport

Seat Counter

This interface is stolen from seatcounter.com.

From To   Date   Time
(Airport codes) (mm/dd)
Favorite airlines (optional)
(Airline codes)


The following data are taken from www.itn.net. The interface is stolen from http://flyaow.com/classual.htm. The results are displayed in English but are harder to read; however, you can continue with ITN and make your flight reservations online.

Type of Travel: Round Trip One Way
Departing From:
Depart Date & Time:
Return Date & Time:
Preferred Airlines:
(maximum 3)
Sort by:
Service class:
Number of Choices:

Details of a reservation

If you have an Amadeus, Worldspan, Galileo/Apollo or Sabre reservation you can review your reservation details on-line, as well as obtain information about your destination. Mandatory fields are the Reservation code and Last name. The View by field is for Amadeus only, Time format is for all but Amadeus. For sample output, use code X6X2KI and last name MOZART with Amadeus; code JHEEAW and name Traveler with Sabre. Data are from CheckMyTrip, MyTripAndMore, ViewTrip and VirtuallyThere.

Reservation code: Last name:
View by: Time format: 12 Hour 24 Hour

Find your reservation details by ticket number.

Ticket number (E.g.: 012-1234321321) Last name


Need anything you can't find here? Search for it:


Other links

Probably the best site for (published) airfares, especially for (but not limited to) North American travel: ITAsoftware.

Airport and airline taxes: How much more expensive will it be?

Great Circle Mapper: And how many miles will it be?

FlyerTalk.com, where frequent flyers meet to discuss travel related issues.

Gaza's Star Alliance & oneworld Round the World Comparrison Pages.

www.dot.tk, the most remote place you'll ever travel to, which offers the domain name www.airtravel.tk free of charge.

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