Shuly Wintner


Mailing address
Department of Computer Science, University of Haifa, 31905 Haifa, Israel


I am a professor of Computer Science at the University of Haifa, Israel. My main areas of interest are computational linguistics and natural language processing. I have worked on linguistic formalisms, formal grammar, computational morphology and syntax, processing of Hebrew, machine and human ranslation and computational approaches to language acquisition. In recent years my research has focused on multilinguality with an emphasis on code-switching.

I head the Computational Linguistics Group at the University of Haifa. The website provides information on research projects I am involved in, current and past research students and a list of publications of the Group. See also our GitHub pages. There's also my more-or-less complete list of publications (including links to most of them) and my CV.

See my book on Unification Grammars (Cambridge University Press).


Office hours for this term: by appointment.

Recent courses are available on Moodle and may require a user name and a password. For older courses, see here.

סוּר מֵרָע וַעֲשֵׂה טוֹב בַּקֵּשׁ שָׁלוֹם וְרָדְפֵהוּ
וְהָאֱמֶת וְהַשָּׁלוֹם אֱהָבוּ

Shuly Wintner, Department of Computer Science, University of Haifa,