Laboratory in Computer Vision


Semester B

Course Web Page:

Dr. Rita Osadchy

e-mail: rita [at]cs [dot]
Office: Jacobs 410


Course Description

During this course you are expected to proposed, implement, and present a graduate level project in Computer Vision. Every team (a pair) will suggest a project (subject to my approval) and will submit a project proposal.  At the end of the course each team will be required to submit a project report and give a short presentation. You will be required to show the source code you wrote and explain its structure. 


Important Dates:

Project Selection 


Project Proposal


Project Report


Project Presentation

Set up a meeting with me in email to present your project



Project Proposal

Prepare 15 min. presentation describing your project. Your proposal should answer the following questions:

The presentation will be given in class for all students.


Project Report

Your project report should address the following:


Project Presentation

Presentations will last about 30 minutes. Your presentation should cover the material in your project report, but in a suitable form for a talk. It should briefly describe the problem and approach, present the results, and then present the analysis of the results.  The presentation should be in ppt or pdf  format.