Image and Video Recognition Seminar

Computer Science: 203.3705
Semester B, 2019
Thursday 14:00-16:00


The seminar focuses on main topics in object and video recognition and classification from modern perspective. For more details see "The List of Seminars".


Course Requirements
Students must fulfill the following two requirements:
1) Full participation in all lectures at all meetings. No exceptions will be allowed. A maximum of 2 official excusions allowed (due to illness or army service). Students, who feel they will not be able to come to all the classes should cancel their participation in the course
and do so by the end of the first week of the semester. To drop out you must inform me or the CS office as soon as possible.

2) Each student must give an oral presentation on the topic assigned to him/her. The topics and papers will be assigned before the second seminar meeting. Note that the choice of topic determines the date the presentation.
Note also that the presentation slides must be submitted to me (email) by SUNDAY evening the week of the lecture (10 pts/day late penalty).

Presentation from this course and the list of Seminar Papers can be found here.

Presentation Guidelines and Examples can be found here.

Final Grades
Final grades will be computed based on
    Understanding - understanding of the material (deduced form the lecture and     (from questions answered).
    Presentation - Quality of Oral presentation
    Show - Quality of Visible presentation slides and additional material  (e.g. implementing alg., inventing examples).
Also submission of slides on time as well as correction of slides according to my comments will affect grade.

Final Grades will be found here.