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Authors: Elena Pagnin and Aikaterini Mitrokotsa and Keisuke Tanaka
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Title: Concrete Efficiency Improvements for Multiparty Garbling with an Honest Majority
Authors: Aner Ben-Efraim and Eran Omri
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Title: Curve25519 for the Cortex-M4 and beyond
Authors: Hayato Fujii and Diego F. Aranha
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Title: Energy-Efficient ARM64 Cluster with Cryptanalytic Applications: 80 cores that do not cost you an ARM and a leg
Authors: Thom Wiggers
Affiliations: Institute of Computing and Information Sciences, Radboud University

Title: Environmental Authentication in Malware
Authors: Jeremy Blackthorne and Benjamin Kaiser and Benjamin Fuller and B\"{u}lent Yener
Affiliations: University of Connecticut and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Title: Generation of 8-bit S-Boxes having almost optimal cryptographic properties using smaller 4-bit S-Boxes and finite field multiplication
Authors: Reynier A. De la Cruz Jimenez
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Title: Homomorphic Rank Sort Using Surrogate Polynomials
Authors: Gizem S. Cetin and Berk Sunar
Affiliations: WPI and WPI

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Authors: Tobias Oder and Tim Guneysu
Affiliations: Ruhr-Universitat Bochum and University of Bremen and DFKI

Title: Improved Security Notions for Proxy Re-Encryption to Enforce Access Control
Authors: Ela Berners-Lee
Affiliations: Royal Holloway University of London

Title: Improved XKX-based AEAD Scheme: Removing the Birthday Terms
Authors: Yusuke Naito
Affiliations: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Title: On the Hardness of the Mersenne Low Hamming Ratio Assumption
Authors: Marc Beunardeau and Aisling Connolly and Remi Geraud and David Naccache
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Authors: Aggelos Kiayias and Georgios Panagiotakos
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Title: The Oblivious Machine - or: How to Put the C into MPC
Authors: Marcel Keller
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Title: Theoretical Security Evaluation against Side-channel Cube Attack with Key Enumeration
Authors: Haruhisa Kosuge and Hidema Tanaka
Affiliations: National Defense Academy of Japan and National Defense Academy of Japan

Title: Threshold Kleptographic Attacks on Discrete Logarithm Based Signatures
Authors: George Teseleanu
Affiliations: ``Alexandru Ioan Cuza'' University

Title: Using Level-1 Homomorphic Encryption To Improve Threshold DSA Signatures For Bitcoin Wallet Security
Authors: Dan Boneh and Rosario Gennaro and Steven Goldfeder
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Title: XHX - A Framework for Optimally Secure Tweakable Block Ciphers from Classical Block Ciphers and Universal Hashing
Authors: Ashwin Jha and Eik List and Kazuhiko Minematsu and Sweta Mishra and Mridul Nandi
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