January 26, Wednesday 14:15, Jacobs Building Room 303

Title: Simulation of Inextensible Cloth

Lecturer : Rony Goldenthal

Lecturer homepage : http://www.ronyfx.com/ronygold

Affiliation : Hebrew University


Many common types of fabrics do not stretch under their own weight. Yet, achieving this property in simulated cloth has been a long-standing open problem in the cloth simulation literature. In the talk I will present a novel approach that excels at simulating cloth at the quasi-inextensible range.

During the talk I will introduce several new time integration methods based on the Constrained Lagrangian Mechanics approach. I will discuss the equivalence between implicit integration of the constraint.s gradient and manifold projection methods. This equivalence will motivate robust and efficient time-integration methods.

I will additionally present an efficient energy-preserving method for inextensible cloth, based on the symmetric projection method. Finally, I will present how to the 'diamond subdivision' approach allows locking free simulation for cloth represented using triangular meshes.